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Frustration and Anger, and Fears – Oh My!  Help me, I’m Stuck

By Trish Smith 

We can get stuck in a number of ways; relationships, a less than satisfactory job, financially, creatively, and even about our own self-esteem.  Why did we get stuck?  Sometimes it’s beneficial to sit back and reflect on what changed.  By understanding what triggered the situation, we become more aware and are less apt to repeat this type of circumstance.

Understand that each experience in our lives, even “getting stuck,” is an opportunity to learn.  Don’t blame yourself,(or others), for the situation.  Blame reduces your effectiveness to resolve things and drains your energy.  Learn to be objective and accept responsibility for your actions (without guilt) as well.  How often have you heard “thoughts are things?”

Our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions are all energy.  Change your thoughts, feelings, words and actions to a more positive state of energy.  Open yourself to change and you will see it manifest in your life.

As you review what has been going on in your life before and after you became stuck you may discover the trigger that initiated it.  I’ve had several clients that would come and say, “I really need your help, my life is a mess.”  I’d look at their energy and see that 6 months (or whatever time frame) previously things started going downhill for them.  I’d say, “what happened 6 months (or whatever the time frame was) ago?  I’d get a variety of answers; a relationship breakup, a loved-one passing, job loss, increased work-load, illness, etc.  In all the cases there was a common denominator.  When the trigger occurred, they stopped meditating, and journaling.  Their prayers changed as well to “fix this for me”, instead of “give me guidance and strength to work through this.”

It’s important that we take action to correct situations in our lives.  Being in denial, whining, not accepting responsibility, or shutting down, will not help anything.  We must take charge of our life, it’s our responsibility.  I have 2 examples of why things can get out of hand when we don’t.

The first example was a client that after I told her what I saw in her energy, admitted that she was full of anger.  She had decided as a young child to make everyone miserable.  She was angry that she wasn’t an only child.  Although I don’t recall her name I will refer to her as Mary.  Mary wanted to be the center of attention and wanted her parents to buy her anything she wanted.  At a young age she would scream or break things until she got her way.  When she came to me Mary was in her late fifties and was still acting in that manner.  Divorced, with adult children with their own homes and families, Mary refused to work and demanded her parents, her children and her siblings, support her.  I advised her that not accepting responsibility in her life and by being so angry was preventing her from growing, being happy, and could take a physical toll on her as well.  Mary advised that she liked her life because she controlled others and made them feel bad.  I advised her that one day they would tell her “no” and she would have to fend for herself.  Sadly she just smiled and said she had no intention of changing.  I told her that was her choice.  Mary was stuck in anger and refused to take responsibility for her life.

The other example is quite different.  I’ll call her Liz.  Liz had recently lost her husband of over fifty years.  Not only was Liz dealing with grief, she was also terrified because she didn’t even know how to write a check.  Liz’s husband had always handled the finances.  She had no knowledge of what bills to pay, what insurance they had, or how much money was in the bank.  Liz did know that she had to learn something soon and that she had to get over her fear.  We discussed taking things one step at a time.  By learning she could talk to the attorney, the bank and the insurance company and she could get immediate answers to many of her questions eased her mind greatly.  Liz wanted to work through her fear and take action.  I was also able to connect with her husband in spirit who came through with more information for Liz.  The session ended very positively and the fear had already dissipated from her energy.

An important thing to do after recognizing you are stuck is take action.  I remember one of my son’s calling me one day.  When he asked what I was doing, I said I was spring cleaning.  He replied, “oh then you have all the Windows open, the stereo cranked up and you’re dancing while you clean.”  I said, “Why do you think that?”  He replied,” You always do that when you spring clean.  You take everything out of the closets and cabinets and dance and sing while you clean.”  He added that was a signal for them to go out so they didn’t get more chores.  I laughed and realized he was right.  As I thought more about it I realized how it helped me get out of a funk.  Not only was I feng shuing the energy by cleaning, I was lifting my energy with the music.

You can take action in several ways. Get into a meditation routine to cleanse and balance your energies and journal your thoughts to reflect on your feelings and release emotional attachments.  Exercise, take a walk, or dance.  Do something creative to ground yourself and stimulate your imagination.  Reflect on past accomplishments and see yourself succeeding in another endeavor.  Get involved in your local community, by volunteering it helps us remember that others have needs as well.  Learn to laugh at yourself.  Life isn’t meant to always be serious.  Take things one step at a time.  You will see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Be consistent and appreciate all you have.

I hope this helps you.  You are important.  When you realize that, it will make it easier to get unstuck.  We all have a purpose.  We all have things to learn and experience.  Sometimes we have to stub our toe for it to get our attention.

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