Spirit Contact 

Messages from the Divine, lost loved ones and spirit guides. We never know who will show up. It could be grandma, your guardian angels, ascended master or your recent lost loved ones or spirit guides. Sometimes a combination of all of them! Everyone of them has an opinion. When we make the connection with spirit. It’s like ringing the phone in the heaven. We can’t guarantee who will answer. We suggest that you get your old photo’s out a few days before and talk to your dearly departed and tell them you’re getting a reading and it would be wonderful if they could show up. There are no guarantees with this reading session. It takes a lot of energy to make and maintain the connection.

Psychic Readings combined with Spiritual Life Coaching.

Practical “Life Coaching”, advice combined with your Reading. When you do the same things- you get the same results. Learning new ways of dealing with life’s challenges can be very rewarding and help you break the negative cycles that holds you back. Book monthly, or quarterly sessions which are designed to help keep you on the right path!

 Tarot Readings Also available Angel and Oracle card readings

Great for when you want to know what the future has in store for you. Tarot and Oracle Cards have been used for centuries to help people see the options available to them. An excellent choice when you want to look closely at a relationships, problem, situation, family, health, wealth career choices, life path  and happiness!  You have choices allow your reading to identify good opportunities for you.

Energy Healing  

As psychic Energy Healers we can employ various methods to facilitate energy healing.  Reiki Healing, Chakra Balancing, Healing with the Angels, Crystal Healing,  cleansing your energy field/ Aura and assist you in removing any “Energy Blockages”. Allow our intuition to choose which ever one we feel will help you. You will feel calm and balanced and ready for anything!

Past Life Readings   

Do the same things keep happening over and over again? Perhaps, this could be due to a pre-life choice you made to over come some major challenges that have happened to you in past life. Sometimes what we suck at in a previous life, we bring with us into this life! So, we can grow and learn and make advancements on our soul path. A past life reading can help identify why, and what we can do to stop history repeating itself in our lives.