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Psychic Medium: Rev. Annemarie, Life Coach, and Author.

I have been a professional life coach and psychic medium since 1982. I was born with the gift to see and hear spirit. I have been featured in the popular press in the UK and USA .I hosted an internet radio show for a while. I split my time between Kissimmee Florida and  and Hyde Cheshire UK. During your reading or life coaching session, I tune into your energy by stepping into your energy field. I connect with your guides, lost loved ones. I will not know everything about you, just what your psyche allows me to see, sense, hear or feel. I can do this in person, by skype or phone.

I am Clairvoyant, Certified  Spiritualist  Reverend and Healer,  Spirit Medium and Shaman. I work with Tarot, Angel and Oracles cards too and photos. Spiritualist Healer, Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Healer,  Aura/Energy Cleansing and Chakra Balancing.

Call  07707 155135 email: englishpsychic@gmail.com 

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Kimilia: Psychic Intuitive Life Coach, Writer, Mentor  

At One with the Universe. Love to laugh more than just about anything!
Intuitive Life Coach/Teacher I work with women who are feeling overwhelmed as they juggle work, relationships, money and much more. They want to trust themselves again and feel confident that everything and everyone in their lives will be alright. I help them find intuitive and practical ways to feel calmer and more in control of what is happening around them. I believe that no matter what is happening at any given moment, there can be a positive outcome and we can truly create miracles!*

Certified Law of Attraction Coach* Reiki Master Teacher/Spiritual Healer* Professional Tarot Consultant* Spiritual Advisor* Chakra and energy clearing.

 USA (001) 760-459-7892 openheartlc444@gmail.com


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 Clairvoyant Maria

Has been helping people with her psychic gifts most of her life.  She became a professional psychic reader in 1976 and has many world wide satisfied clients ever since.  From house wives to actors and even a few famous footballers,  they have all sought out Maria’s psychic gifts to see what the future holds.  She worked from her home Glebe House doing readings in Denton for many years before moving to Crystal Lodge  Hyde.

Maria has appeared on TV, radio and before large audiences throughout the North West  her book was a best seller back in the 1980’s.  Maria is now semi retired. Anyone who knows her will tell you is hard to get her to slow down. Her connection to spirit is  loud and clear.  She couldn’t give it up if she tried,  the spirits love talking through her. Her connection to lost loved ones on the other side has often been deemed as remarkable!

Call 0161 368 4457 Sorry no phone readings in person only 

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